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Amorgos Organic Products

Amorgos Organic Products

Distribution: "Epaminondas Orchard"

Since 1992, with organic certification by Q Ways.

From 2.5 acres of vineyard, 3 acres of olive trees, 0.5 acres of citrus trees, 0.75 acres of fruit trees, 1.25 acres of vegetables, 2.5 acres of legumes-fava beans and 0.25 acres of herbs are produced: seasonal fruit, vegetables, fava, olive oil and olives, wine, vinegar, and are also made certified products such as jams, pickles (peppers, capers, samphire), spoon sweets, sauces, sun-dried tomatoes and herbs.


Village: Katapola
Tel: +30 2285072056
Mob: +30 6945793928
Amorgos Organic Farming
Grower: Nondas Gavalas